Reducing our use of plastic water bottles

Help us reduce the use of plastic water bottles on hikes and trips.

We estimate that we typically pass out around 15,000 plastic bottles on hikes and trips each year.

A lot of the bottles we use are collected and left at a facility where they are sorted and (hopefully) recycled. But it’s better if those plastic bottles are not used in the first place.

By bringing your own water in a reusable container you’ll be helping reduce the amount of plastic that is used, and its environmental impact.

We’ve always provided bottled water on the hikes. If you don’t have enough with you on a hike you’ll have a bad time – especially on a hot day, when you might need at least 2 litres to stay hydrated and avoid heatstroke. For that reason we’ll still have water on hand if you need it.

How you can switch to using a reusable container

  • Shop for your new reusable bottle(s). Go for a bottle that holds at least 750ml, and choose BPA-free aluminium or Nalgene.
  • Fill it at home using your own filtered or boiled-and-cooled water.
  • Don’t forget to pack it in your hiking bag.

We’re hoping to see a significant reduction in our use of bottled water, and we hope you can help with that by using a reusable water container when you hike with us.