For Travel Agents

Find a more adventurous Great Wall option for your clients.

Hi there, travel agent!

Thank you for thinking of us as an option for tours and travel in Beijing.

Here’s an outline of what we can help you with.

Beijing Hikers specialises in hikes and trips in the mountains outside Beijing city.

We are best known for our join-in group hikes, and any of those join-in hikes and trips can also be arranged as a private tour.

Great Wall hikes for your clients

Organise a special Great Wall hike for your clients as an add-on to a larger Beijing itinerary.

Our Great Wall hikes are a more adventurous alternative to standard tourist trips to the Badaling Great Wall or the Mutianyu Great Wall.

For a hiking trip, you need hiking guides. A regular tour agency may outsource this work. With us, your clients would be guided by our staff guides—experienced hikers, and fluent in English.

If you’re a small company like us and will be bringing a group to Beijing, we can help.

We can organise a private hike for your group, and you could book them on a join-in hike if the dates match.

Private hikes to the Great Wall

Set up a special private Great Wall hike for your clients as part of a larger itinerary

  • You choose the hike and date.
  • We pick up and drop off at your hotel in Beijing.
  • No local guide required – we’ll handle everything from start to finish.

See our recommended private hikes to the Great Wall.

Join a group hike

For the join-in group hikes, you’d bring your clients to one of the meeting points, and we’d take care of everything else.

If you give us enough warning, we may be able to schedule the hike you want on the date you want.

Book in advance to ensure availability.

We offer:

  • Group booking discount / preferred rate.
  • No charge for you / your trip leader.

More: Choosing a Great Wall hike / Contact us

‘White label’ and branded itineraries

Currently we are not looking for arrangements in which we would provide white label service under the brand name of a travel agency. But maybe you have an offer we couldn’t refuse? We’d be happy to hear from you. Contact us about it