Paying for hikes and trips

When to pay, how to pay, cancellations and refunds.

Our pricing for hikes and trips can get too complicated for our website to figure out.

We have different prices for members, non-members, kids of this age, kids of that age, plus there are vouchers, membership purchases and renewals, and the 10-Stamps discount for members.

That means we don’t do automatic online payments. (We could do automatic online payments but we think doing that would make our booking process way too difficult for you.)

As part of the booking process we ask you to let us know if you are a member, and you can let us know if there are kids, vouchers, discounts, memberships, and any add-ons associated with your booking. We use that information to calculate the price for you.

When to pay, how to pay

For hikes and trips that are paid in advance

For some hikes and trips we’ll ask you to pay in advance. Examples of those include multi-day hikes and trips, private hikes for large groups, and hikes that are complicated and expensive to set up.

For these hikes and trips we’ll email you to confirm the price, and then set up a way for you to make your payment.

Available payment methods (from most preferred to least preferred):

  • WeChat or Alipay
  • PayPal (service/currency conversion fee may apply)
  • Domestic bank transfer
  • Cash (make an appointment to bring it to our office)
  • International bank transfer (major currencies are accepted)

For hikes and trips that are paid on the day

For less-complicated hikes and trips you can pay on the day. Examples of those include nearly all of the day hikes in Beijing, and private hikes for small groups.

On the way to the hike the guides will collect your payment.

Available payment methods

  • WeChat or Alipay
  • Cash

How do I know if I will be asked to pay in advance for the hike?

For all of the multi-day trips you’ll be asked to pay in advance. That covers the Explore China trips, and camping or overnight hiking trips in Beijing.

For almost all of the day hikes you’ll pay on the day. If we’re organising a private trip for a large group we may ask for payment in advance. If the hike or trip is complicated to set up and/or has expensive set up costs we may ask for payment in advance.

Is there a cancellation/refund policy?

Cancellation fees may apply for the hikes and trips on which we require payment in advance. For details, please read our Payment Terms and Conditions.

We can be flexible on cancellations for the hikes which do not require payment in advance. If you need to cancel, please let us know by 6pm on the day before the hike.